Pingxiang Huaci Insulators Group Co., Ltd. Signing Ceremony

Huaci's signing ceremony
Huaci's signing ceremony

On 20th August of 2018, the signing ceremony of Luxi county and Pingxiang Huaci Insulators Group Co., Ltd high voltage insulator project was held in the meeting room of the county office service center. The secretary of the county committee Yang Jinsong attended the ceremony and made a speech. The deputy secretary of the county party committee, county magistrate Liu zhanchun presided over the signing ceremony. County leaders Long jun, Han weiqiang, Liu jielan, Han lingfei, Wu yue, Cai bingwu, general manager Li chengsheng of Pingxiang Huaci Insulators Group Co., Ltd., deputy general managers Ni peng, Wu di and the main heads of relevant towns and departments attended the signing ceremony.

In his speech, Yang jinsong congratulated the successful implementation of the project on behalf of the county committee and government. He said that in recent years, under the leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, Luxi has made great progress in economic and social development. Luxi has successively won the national brand demonstration area of electric porcelain, the national high-tech industrialization base of electric porcelain, the national modern agriculture demonstration area and other national brand honors. Especially in the aspect of service enterprise development, we insist on taking electric porcelain as the leading industry and take multiple measures to promote the electric porcelain cluster. The government has issued 32 pieces of preferential policies for enterprises, including 10 million yuan of financial support funds, 500 million yuan of electric porcelain industry development funds, and 500 million yuan of electric porcelain Zheng Yin Tong, with remarkable results. Yang jinsong hopes that Huaci company will strengthen the connection with Lanxin Yun Shang and drive Luxi electric porcelain to go out better and faster through cross-border trade and “The Belt And Road” policy. He also hoped that Huaci company will actively explore new electric porcelain technology and new business model by using block chain technology, and strive to create a high-tech, sophisticated and cutting-edge new electric porcelain enterprise, so as to provide a model that can be popularized and replicated for the transformation and upgrading of the county’s electric porcelain industry. The county party committee county government will fully support the construction of the project to create a better environment for the development of enterprises.

Liu Zhanchun presided at the ceremony, said the signing of the project is not only the new results of Luxi strengthens investment attraction of electric porcelain industry, especially it is a new practice for Luxi to continue to develop large electric porcelain industrial clusters and strengthen county economy. It adds new impetus to the grand goal of “The world focus on China electrical porcelain, electric porcelain of China focus on Luxi”. It will also provide strong impetus for the construction of the upgraded version of “Five Luxi” and the realization of “Annual Changes, Major Changes in three years and New Leaps in five years”.

Li chengsheng said in his speech that Pingxiang Huaci insulators Group Co., Ltd. chose to invest in Luxi is mainly because of its obvious advantages in electric porcelain resources and good investment environment. He deeply realized that Luxi’s environment is very good, and deeply felt the openness of Luxi county party committee and county government. He said he will build, operate and manage the company well, play its due role in creating jobs and providing tax sources, and make positive contributions to the economic development of Luxi.

It is learned that the project is located in the county industrial park, covering an area of 33,333 square meters, with a total investment of 200 million yuan, mainly producing 220KV and below high-voltage lines Porcelain Pin Insulators, Porcelain Suspension Insulators, Porcelain Line Post Insulators, Porcelain Station Post Insulators and various electrical equipment for supporting porcelain insulators. After the project was completed and put into operation, the annual output value was 100 million yuan, the tax revenue was 4 million yuan, and the export earned 5 million dollars.